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ASNU Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaner

Ultrasonic Fuel Injector Cleaner

If your vehicle is showing signs of:

  • High Fuel Consumption
  • Loss of Power or Performance
  • Fuel Leaks
  • Idling or Running Poorly
  • Dirty Emissions

We can help!

We use the most effective method
for cleaning your fuel injectors!

A.I. Injector service provides Prompt, Quality & Friendly service.

Dirty injectors can cause clogging which leads to a variety of engine problems. Maintaining clean injectors keeps the engine running at peak performance, saves fuel and cuts down harmful emissions. We use the most effective cleaning method – removing and cleaning them ‘off car’ with an Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning & Testing Bench.

To check that they are working correctly, fuel injectors must be tested for LEAKS, SPRAY PATTERNS and FLOW RATES over a range of engine speeds and millisecond opening times.

Fuel Injectors Spray Patterns

After cleaning, they are tested again and replaced if need be. Those that won’t respond to cleaning will have either mechanical damage to the pintle or some other internal component, or electrical damage to the solenoid windings.

Fuel Injector Cross Section

Cross Section of a Fuel Injector

The biggest failure of fuel injectors is RUST, caused by water contamination in the fuel system.

A.I. Injector Service can provide a report with the final results and compare with the pre-clean Flow Rates and Spray Patterns.

We pride ourselves on being EXPERIENCED!

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A.I Injector Service cleans most types of fuel injectors

Postal Service is also available!

  Send us your fuel injectors.
  We will test and clean them.
  We will also provide a comprehensive report.
  Fuel injectors dispatched within the same day.

  Post your injectors to:
  PO Box 4055
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